Having been the #1 advertising agency for small businesses for years, and now the GO-TO agency for ALL businesses, Apricity empowers you to connect with your customers and GROW your company.


Apricity Media Group was founded in 2012 as a result of one simple observation: advertising agencies tended to ignore small business owners.

This knowledge led us to envision the first "big" agency for "small" businesses. For years, we have cultivated growth and helped to evolve numerous small businesses and taken them to the next level. As we watched our vision come to fruition, we set our sights on a new mission.


Since beginning our visionary endeavor, we, alongside all our clients, have expanded and grown, giving way to our over all mission- to support ALL businesses of every shape and size in attracting, engaging and retaining more customers through our expert marketing strategies.

In the same way we help our clients reach what others have deemed unattainable, we believe no dream is too big, and our goal is to provide advertising agency services to every business, big and small, all over the world.


Our designers, writers, the sales team, our customer service reps, and our founders all have one thing in common: the unrelenting goal of being the best, a bottomless well of creativity, and the revolutionary idea that our clients' success is our own.

Excuse us while we wax poetic for a moment, but the very name Apricity by definition means the warmth of the sun on a winters day. Winter is a time of scarcity, while the sun is the very thing that brings new life to the withered and dead.

Keeping that eloquent meaning in mind for which we were named, our team hopes to be the glowing light that brings new life to your business.