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Apricity Media Group designs and develops websites for businesses with both brains & beauty. Your website is guaranteed to function flawlessly on every desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. We've made it easy to get the website you deserve. Contact us today to find out how Apricity can help you.


Developing a strong relationship with your audience is critical to everything we do here. It’s about making a commitment to creating a consistent experience across all marketing channels. Once your overall campaign strategy is developed and signed off on, we'll work together on a delivery timeline.


We will design, write, and print all of your branded materials. With Apricity you can rest assured that your print products will turn out right the first time. We offer superior quality production and printing all backed by our 100% quality guarantee. Don't compromise on quality. Experience the Apricity difference!


By partnering with Apricity Media Group to outsource part or all of your marketing efforts, we'll optimize your efforts by creating a strategic, fully integrated marketing plan designed to stretch your budget and maximize your results. We begin by evaluating your current marketing programs to identify your opportunities.


Apricity Media Group uniquely combines physical, real world advertising with online advertising. This marketing package includes 500 business card sized handouts that can be taken home by your customers to then be redeemed for online coupons. It's an excellent way to promote visitors to your site after having visited your business. Alternately we also create for you a half page, online, printable coupon that can be redeemed in-store, as such, it works oppositely in attracting visitors from your site to your store. Integrating coupons and offers both in-store and online generates more buzz having multiple forms of advertising at your disposal and it's a positive cycle of patronage to both your site and your brick and mortar company. Another useful strategy employed via this package is Unlimited Email Mining. Gathering client emails and customer data makes it easier to learn about your target audience. Custom email databases make for simple-to-use email marketing. Contact us today and see how our Smart Marketing system will work for you.


Apricity Media Group will never leave you in the dark with our quarterly or monthly analytics reports that review the traffic to your site, page views and visitor dwell time. Our reports are translated to Layman's terms and offer actionable suggestions based on qualified site analytics and the experience and expert advice of Apricity's team. Apricity Media Group is up-to-date on all the latest search engine optimization techniques and strategies and we are here to get you rising in the results. Understanding the way search engine algorithms work and maximizing organic results through content, images and performance is something you can expect when working with Apricity. Contact us now to find out more about the techniques used when designing a website.


With Apricity Media Group's targeted campaign using multiple keyword rich ads, you will be seen by clients and customers the second they're searching Google for services and products you offer, be it locally or otherwise. We present a three-month testing period to ensure your campaign is a success and has attained a decent conversion rate. Not only that, through the Google Ad Word package, you will receive two custom reports detailing current and future suggestions for continued Ad Word success. There is a six-month money back guarantee if there are no Ad Words Conversions. Google Ad Words have been found to be extremely effective for most any kind of business, the pro-tip is in using the correct keywords and writing strong CTR ads. Find out today how we can grow your business through the use of Google Ad Words.

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